Collect Special Moments, Not Things

Are you embarking on the second and best half of your life? Are you thinking about what’s next when the kids are out of the house? Are you already there? We call this the Legacy Years.


The world has changed since many of us were growing up in the shadow of our parents. People are living longer, staying healthier, and even launching second careers as entrepreneurialism is on the rise for your demographic.


What lasting moments and experiences are you thinking about and planning to enjoy during the Legacy Years?


Here are our Top 5 suggested changes we believe will enhance the Legacy Years of your life:


  • 1 – Change your scenery: make the move where less proves to be so much more

  • 2 – Make a home where moments can be made and shared with the next generation

  • 3 – Unleash your enthusiasm and discover a new hobby that you now have time to enjoy

  • 4 – Travel and see the world one moment at a time

  • 5 – Find your passion for giving back and paying life forward

What life changes are you planning? What changes have worked for you (or not)?

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